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If you're having sleep problems, there are simple steps you can take to ease those restless nights. Find out how to get to sleep and how to sleep better.

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NHS sleep self-assessment

Most people experience problems with sleep in their life. In fact, it's thought that a third of Brits will have episodes of insomnia at some point. This short test from Sleepio will give you a 'sleep score' plus practical tips and advice for improving your sleep.

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NHS Sleep - how much sleep do children need

Sleep, recommended guidelines for children

Talking Point, I Can

Information to help you understand and support children and young people’s speech, language and communication.

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The Communication Trust.

Four films entitled ‘through the eyes of a child’ for parents of children between birth and 3 years. The Communication Trust films are full of useful advice on how parents can encourage their child to talk and interact with them:

hvsn toileting
NHS Torbay health visitors & school nursing - Toileting, wetting and soiling

Toilet training, wetting and soiling information, support and advice for all ages.

hvsn illness allergy
NHS Torbay health visitors & school nursing - Illness, allergy and keeping healthy

Information from common childhood illnesses, health promotion and family wellbeing, through to serious illnesses – what to look for and expect, how to manage, and when to seek help.

hvsn behaviour
NHS Torbay health visitors & school nursing - Behaviour

Advice and support on managing behaviours in children and teenagers, common behavioural habits and difficulties, with explanations to why these behaviours often occur.

hvsn special needs learning and physical disabilities
NHS Torbay health visitors & school nursing - Special needs learning and physical disabilities

The Children’s Learning Disability Health Team offers a specialist community based service for children with a learning disability within Torbay.

child and childcarer 1234

Choosing someone to look after your child when you return to work or training is one of the most important decisions you can make. Discover how PACEY is here to help and support you in that choice.

Action for Children
Behaviour and learning

Parent power. Find resources to support your child’s personal development.


Sleep explained. We answer your questions on everything from bedtime and naps to the stuff that keeps us all awake.

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Breastfeeding - Unicef

Find out about breastfeeding rates in the UK and our work to improve them.

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