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Talk and Play


To enable parents to optimise their children’s speech and language skills. Group or 1:1 support with early identification of needs. To provide specific activities parents can use in the home to develop their child’s speech and language skills)

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Solihull Parenting Course


The Solihull Approach Parenting Group emphasises the need for emotional containment and the presence of a reciprocal relationship. This enables parents to think, within the group and at home, about sensitive and effective approaches to behaviour management. It also empowers parents, to build on their existing skills and develop a way of thinking to solve difficulties in the future.

This is an 11 week course and can be accessed via a referral from a professionals such as your health visitor or you can self refer.

Call us on 01803 210200 or email torbayChildrensCentres@actionforchildren.org.uk

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Incredible Years Parenting Course


For parents of younger children, the course can give you the tools to use play, praise and rewards to bring out the best in your child as well as giving you the you the confidence to deal with difficult behaviour without losing your cool.

This is a 15 week course and is only available via a referral.

Family Support for those with a child under five years


A one to one support service that responds to the individual needs of the family; the child is at the centre of all activities/interventions.

We aims to

  • Enable families to build resilience/confidence to cope with family/life difficulties.
  • Support families with significant/severe or complex needs.
  • Give guidance to families who are experiencing stressful events, conflict or are at crisis point.
  • Support those with adult mental/physical health that impact on children.
  • Support families with history of domestic violence or substance abuse which is impacting on the children.

Some of the activities we can help with are:

  • Daily routines and family organisation.
  • Budgeting and healthy eating.
  • Support in accessing appropriate services or universal activities.
  • Support parents to complete forms and applications.
  • Positive behaviour management strategies.
  • Establishing positive and secure relationships.
  • Understanding children’s social, emotional and developmental needs.
  • Developing supportive family and social networks.
  • To raise aspirations and contributions into the community.
  • Attendance at child in need, child protection and core group meetings supporting the needs of the child.

This is a targeted service and we only take referrals from the Early Help Panel.

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Understanding your child's mental health and wellbeing, Solihull Online Course


If you are either interested or worried about your child's mental health and wellbeing, then this course is for you.

This course 'Understanding your child's mental health and wellbeing' is unusual as it introduces you to mental health and wellbeing in Part 1..., then you leave this course and complete 'Understanding your child' ...and then come back to Part 2 of this course.

If you have already completed 'Understanding your child' then you don't need to do it again (unless you want a refresh or to look at it from a different angle).

'Understanding your child' is all about the cornerstones of mental health and wellbeing. You could revisit Module 2 about Understanding your child's feelings if you would like a refresh with some examples of listening and talking with children and teenagers. Or the Module on Containment and the Module on Reciprocity.

So, complete Part 1, then complete 'Understanding your child' and then complete Part 2. You may only be interested in anxiety in Part 2, for instance, but if you also look at depression you can see how the usual way we react to events and issues in our lives can turn into difficulties for us.

Enter the code TAMAR to access it for free.

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Understanding your child with additional needs, Solihull online course


This online course is for parents with a child with additional needs. It is for parents, relatives and friends of children who may have a physical or learning disability or who may have autistic traits. In the UK, you may be within the SEND (Special educational needs and disability) system. Some parents describe their child as differently abled, or neuroatypical.

This course is in 2 sections. Level 1 lays the foundation for understanding your child. Level 2 looks at some particular aspects of parenting: sleeping and anger management, together with more about how we interact with each other. Understanding this can make it easier to work with your child's behaviour as well as supporting their development. Once you finish Level 1 you can progress to Level 2 if you'd like to.

To access this course for free, just enter the code TAMAR.

Solihull Understanding your child online course


An Online course for parents of children aged 6 months to 18 years. The first online course for parents to be awarded the Government’s CANparent Quality Mark. Developed by the Solihull Approach team; health professionals working together with parents and practitioners.

For curious parents, for Dads who want to be the best Dads they can be, for Mums who want to be the best Mums they can be. Over 90% of parents think that a parenting course would be useful.

The course can be done at a time and place to suit family life, just enter the code TAMAR, fill in a few details to create an account. You can then sign in to your course.

Solihull Understanding your baby course


This course gives parents information about their baby’s brain development and their baby’s physical and emotional development. It shows how important their relationship with their baby is for the baby’s development.

It integrates the traditional information given on a postnatal course with this new approach to developing your relationship with the baby. It looks at the baby’s sleeping, feeding, crying, playing and childcare options.

The course was developed by Health Visitors working with health professionals in the Solihull Approach team. Enter the code TAMAR, fill in a few details to create an account. You can then sign in to your course.

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Child health clinic


We are offering appointment only clinics for people who are worried about their baby or child's development and for those that need to see a health visitor. Please give us a call or email us. Depending on your needs you will receive phone support or been seen face to face.

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Baby Massage


Baby massage is a short course for parents where you can learn how to massage different parts of your baby's body.

Massage can help your baby with the symptoms of colic, aid digestion and regulate their sleep. It is also a great way to relax, have fun and spend quality time together using music, simple songs and nursery rhymes.

This course is suitable for babies between the ages of 3 - 6 months old. As with all of courses there is no charge. At the moment we can only offer baby massage to new mums whose health professional has referred them.

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My Developing baby / toddler / child group


Groups focused on child development This is a weekly group for parents with their babies to attend and is based on offering specific advice and guidance for new mothers. The weekly group will focus on a specific theme and there will be general help support and advice around your child’s development. Each week there will be a theme focused around your child’s development run by the children’s centre staff.

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Infant Feeding


We offer support with breastfeeding and infant feeding to make healthy eating choices. Understanding of attachment and bonding. Contact our advice line or our Facebook page Torbay Infant Feeding

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When you move into the Torbay area


You will be offered a health screening for any child or young person who has recently moved into Torbay. During the screening process each individual is offered a hearing assessment and height and weight check. A holistic health and care assessment of need will be carried out with you to see if a referral or sign posting to support is required.

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Aged 4-5


We will take your child’s height and weight an undertake vision screening. Usually this will take place in your child’s school when they are in reception and you will receive a letter about it. Prior to your child starting primary school we will send you a questionnaire. It will ask questions about your child’s health to see if there is any support you or your child may need.

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Aged 8-12 months and 2-2½ years


We offer developmental reviews for your baby/child at both these ages. These will usually take place either in your home or at one of our children's centres by a 0 to19 Family Health Worker.

We will talk to you about how your baby/child is growing and developing. We’ll share information about oral health, healthy eating, vision, hearing, language development and keeping your child safe. At the 2 – 2 ½ year development review we’ll also discuss good sleeping habits, toilet training, speech and communicating with others.

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12 - 18 weeks


During your baby's reviews your health visitor will discuss your baby's health and development, and ask if you have any concerns. They talk to you about your baby’s development and signpost you to helpful information, support and guidance.

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6-8 week visit


We will visit you at home to discuss your baby’s development and wellbeing. We will listen to how you are all feeling physically and emotionally and share information on topics such as feeding, immunisations and settling your baby.

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When baby arrives (10-14 days following delivery)


Your health visitor will visit you again at your home and share information around feeding, safe sleeping and caring for your baby. We’ll review your baby’s development and discuss how you’re feeling and any extra help you may need.

Breast Pump Hire


Torbay children’s centres loan out electronic breast pumps free to low income parents or £30 per month including a £10 refundable deposit.

Breastpumps can

  • Support & sustain breastfeeding.
  • Encourage breastfeeding for more than 6 months.
  • Support bonding between infants and mothers.
  • Improve the health of mothers and infants.

Loaning out the breast pumps; includes pump and a non-returnable collection set. Each pump is cleaned after each hire to prevent cross contamination. Registration is completed (if required) before each hire. Liability form is completed for each hire, to cover non-returned or damaged pumps.

Call us on 01803 210200 or email Torbay Children's Centre

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