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NHS Vaccinations

You’ll find all the information you need about which vaccinations your baby will be offered and when in the Red Book (your child’s personal health record)

British Allergy Foundation

Information and support to sufferers and their families. Leaflets, fact sheets and regular newsletters are available. In addition they run a help line and support groups throughout the country.

Royal society for prevention of accidents

Provides information, advice, resources and training, and is actively involved in the promotion of safety in all areas of life – at work, in the home, and on the roads, in schools, at leisure and on or near water.

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Action for Children, money matters

Information, advice, useful links and support regarding money matters.

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Action for Children - Information for Dads

Recommended resources and websites specially created for Dads.

hvsn safeguarding
NHS Torbay health visitors & school nursing - Safeguarding

Information and advice to support children in having safe, healthy and happy childhoods that help to prepare them for adult life.

hvsn starting moving school
NHS Torbay health visitors & school nursing - Starting and moving school

Information you and your children may want to know before they start or move schools including; preparation and advice; health screening programmes; and local and national guidance.

hvsn special needs learning and physical disabilities
NHS Torbay health visitors & school nursing - Special needs learning and physical disabilities

The Children’s Learning Disability Health Team offers a specialist community based service for children with a learning disability within Torbay.

hvsn behaviour
NHS Torbay health visitors & school nursing - Behaviour

Advice and support on managing behaviours in children and teenagers, common behavioural habits and difficulties, with explanations to why these behaviours often occur.

hvsn safety
NHS Torbay health visitors & school nursing - Child and young peoples safety

Information on keeping your young child, teenager and family safe, with links to local and national advice and videos and accessing further help

hvsn dental health
NHS Torbay health visitors & school nursing - Teething and dental health

Poor dental hygiene affects not only your child’s teeth but also their health and wellbeing. Information and help to find local Dentists.

hvsn emotional health wellbeing
NHS Torbay health visitors & school nursing - Emotional health and wellbeing

Advice, helpful website and information to support the whole families wellbeing.

hvsn immunisations
NHS Torbay health visitors & school nursing - Immunistaions

Vaccines are quick, safe and very effective and help protect you, your child, and whole family from a range of potentially serious and even fatal diseases. Lots of helpful information and websites to help answer all your questions.

hvsn illness allergy
NHS Torbay health visitors & school nursing - Illness, allergy and keeping healthy

Information from common childhood illnesses, health promotion and family wellbeing, through to serious illnesses – what to look for and expect, how to manage, and when to seek help.

hvsn child development
NHS Torbay health visitors & school nursing - Child development

Advice on helping to support development for all the family. Useful links to video clips, local and national information and guidance.

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Space for us too, support for parents

Space for Us Too is a free, guided text message service that can give you space to breathe. You can use any or all of the tips to build positive habits in your relationship and family life, or to feel refreshed and recharged in yourself.

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Torbay Safeguarding Children Partnership

The Torbay Safeguarding Children Partnership aims to help children, young people and families stay safe at home, at school and out and about.

Torbay Family Information Service

The Family Information Service (FIS) Directory provides information for families and people working with them in Torbay

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Torbay online safety

Stay safe online

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Citizens Advice Torbay

Citizens Advice Torbay provides a free, impartial and confidential service to everyone.

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Hungry Little Minds

HM Government provides digital information, strategies and videos for parents to use at home.

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Honest facts about alcohol can help you make better choices about your drinking. 

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NHS Alcohol

Find out what impact your drinking can have on your health.

hvsn toileting
NHS Torbay health visitors & school nursing - Toileting, wetting and soiling

Toilet training, wetting and soiling information, support and advice for all ages.

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Think U KNow

Information and advice for 8 to 10 year olds to stay safe online.

BBC Bitesize starting secondary school

Lots of advice and information on starting secondary school from support if you are worried about the size of the school and getting lost to making new friends.

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Head Lice

Find out more about finding and treating head lice in this short video

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Children's Allergies

Lot's of useful videos on children's allergies from cow's milk allergy to hay fever.

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NHS Handi App

HANDi Paediatric app: advice for common childhood conditions.

The HANDi Paediatric app gives up-to-date advice about common childhood illnesses and how to treat them.

Are you ok?

If your partner or someone in your family is hurting your mind or your body that’s not OK. Support is available.

child and childcarer 1234

Choosing someone to look after your child when you return to work or training is one of the most important decisions you can make. Discover how PACEY is here to help and support you in that choice.

tc card
Torbay Council, special educational needs and disability (SEND)

Find support, guidance and information for parents and carers of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.


Relationship support for everyone of all ages

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NHS Car Safety - Choosing a car seat

Information and tips on buying a car seat and how to safely fix them into your car.

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Early Help from 0 to 19 Torbay

The 0 to 19 Torbay Early Help Service provides families with children aged under 19 years with extra help and support that is sometimes required. It is important that families can access the right support, at the right time, from the right service and we will either provide that support or help families to access the right service.

If you, your family or someone you are working with would benefit from some additional support or early help from 0 to 19 Torbay please click on the link to complete our online request for support form. This will show you the process and how we can support.

0 to 19 Torbay Early Help Services for External Referrals.pdf

0 to 19 Torbay Early Help referral form.pdf


Free child safety advice for parents and carers including activities on popular safety topics.

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