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Children's centre registration form

Register online, save time when you get to a centre and help us to stay Covid secure.

In order to make sure you get the best possible service from your Children’s Centre we would like to know some more information about you and your family.

Please complete all sections of this form and click submit. This should take no more than 5 minutes of your time and it is important that you complete it as fully as possible. Once you are registered, you will be able to access all the services and support on offer at your local children’s centre.

Please ensure that you notify your centre of any changes in circumstances (e.g new baby, new address or new telephone number)

Children’s Centre staff will be happy to help you fill in any part of this form that you find difficult – just ask them.


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School Nurse Referral Form

If you would like to refer a school age child or young person to the 0 to 19 team which includes school nurses please complete this form.

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0to19Torbay wellbeing service

The 0 to 19 Torbay Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service provides low level mental health support to children and young people aged 8 to 18 years though our child wellbeing trainee practitioners.

0 to 19 Torbay have a small team of Trainee Child Wellbeing Practitioners (CWPs) who are completing their post graduate qualification in low intensity therapeutic work in affiliation with The Universities of Reading and Exeter available to support children, young people or parents.

During this training year the CWP’s can provide a number of different evidence- based, outcome focused therapies for children or young people (CYP) with low level mental health concerns. CYP who are referred to us will attend an assessment session in which we gather information on who they are and what support they require, those who meet the criteria will then attend 1- 2-hour long sessions a week with us for 5-8 weeks.

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Early Help from 0 to 19 Torbay

The 0 to 19 Torbay Early Help Service provides families with children aged under 19 years with extra help and support that is sometimes required. It is important that families can access the right support, at the right time, from the right service and we will either provide that support or help families to access the right service.

If you, your family or someone you are working with would benefit from some additional support or early help from 0 to 19 Torbay please click on the link to complete our online request for support form. This will show you the process and how we can support.

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