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General information about sleep, including helpful resources to support families getting advice. Sleep is something we all need and the impact on families from poor or inadequate sleep can be significant. The resources and information provided on these pages offer general information about sleep for different ages and stages. It has been collated to help you support families with helpful information about common sleep-related concerns

five magic kisses.PNG

Five Magic Kisses - (Download - A5 Leaflet - 2 Sided)

sleep dep.PNG

Sleep Deprivation - Young People - (Download - A5 Leaflet - 1 Side)

good sleep routine.PNG

Good Sleep Routine - (Download - A5 Leaflet - 2 Sided)

healthy sleep patterns.PNG

Healthy Sleep Patterns - (Download - A5 Leaflet - 2 Sided)

SEND sleep.PNG

Sleep Issues SEND - (Download - A5 Leaflet - 2 Sided)

triggers for getting help.PNG

Triggers for Getting Help - (Download - A5 Leaflet - 1 Sided)

sleeping difficulities.PNG

Sleeping Difficulties: A child's view - (Download - A5 Leaflet - 1 Sided)

Sleep 3 12 months.PNG

Sleep: What to expect for 3-6 months / 6-12 months - (Download - A4 Leaflet - 3 Page)

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