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Aged 11-19


We will support your child in a range of ways: emotional health, weight management, healthy relationships ensuring those with long term illnesses and other needs get extra support when needed. We help young people throughout their school life to reach their full potential.

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Aged 19-25


We continue to support young people with additional needs up to the age of 25 and their families.

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Young People's Wellbeing Drop In Sessions


We offer a weekly, safe and confidential wellbeing drop-in session in the local area for anyone aged 8 to 18 years. We can offer wellbeing advice, signpost you to services and talk about any difficulties with which you may feel you need some extra support.

Understanding your teenager's brain online Solihull Course


Find out what happens to the brain as a child hits adolescence in this SHORT course. See how this explains some of the changes in their behaviour that you've noticed. Enter the code TAMAR, fill in a few details to create an account. You can then sign in to your course.

Substance Misuse Service


Information, advice and support for young people who use drugs or alcohol (including new psychoactive substances). We provide tier 3 care planned, goal-based treatment as well as tier 2 interventions around drugs education and harm reduction.

You can self-referral or be referred by your schools, GP’s, CAMHS or YOT

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Return home interviews


We offer return home interviews to children and young people who go missing from home/care.

Referrals made by the police via missing and found COMPACTS



Children and Young People aged 8-18 have a right to an advocate if they are subject to child protection planning or are looked after by Torbay Local Authority to ensure that their wishes, feelings and views are taken into account when decisions are being made about them. We also support children & young people who wish to make a representation or formal complaint about children’s social care.

Independent Visitor Service


If you are a child in care and aged 8-18, you could get an Independent Visitor. This is an adult you can talk to, trust and build a friendship with. They'll listen and support you to be the person you want to be. Monthly visits usually involve going somewhere fun, doing something you both enjoy together like playing football in a park, or going for a bite to eat together, maybe bowling, or the cinema.

Independent Visitors are volunteers and when recruited are asked to make a 2 year commitment. They receive regular supervision from The Volunteer Coordinator.

To access this service you can self-referral or a social worker, foster carer, residential staff and Independent Reviewing Officer can refer you.

Call Checkpoint on 01803 290330

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Understanding Your Teenage Brain, Solihull course for teenagers only!


Find out what's happening in your brain! Your brain changes as you hit adolescence. Going to sleep later? See how the changes in your brain explain some of the changes in your behaviour.

Access the course for free, you use the code TAMAR

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Virtual Drop In with a school nurse


We are trailing weekly virtual drop-in sessions at 3 secondary schools across Torbay from September. Young people will be able to attend a virtual drop in with your school nurse – Yes, that’s right, that means you don’t have to talk face to face about your worries – which we know can put you off getting help.

The Purpose of this Virtual drop-in is to support Young People with any worries or concerns to do with health. A virtual drop-in gives young people the opportunity to discuss any concerns they have by means of Attend Anywhere or over the phone, therefore making it a less daunting experience.

To find out when the school nurse is holding a session, talk to your school receptionist or teacher.

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Understanding your child with additional needs, Solihull online course


This online course is for parents with a child with additional needs. It is for parents, relatives and friends of children who may have a physical or learning disability or who may have autistic traits. In the UK, you may be within the SEND (Special educational needs and disability) system. Some parents describe their child as differently abled, or neuroatypical.

This course is in 2 sections. Level 1 lays the foundation for understanding your child. Level 2 looks at some particular aspects of parenting: sleeping and anger management, together with more about how we interact with each other. Understanding this can make it easier to work with your child's behaviour as well as supporting their development. Once you finish Level 1 you can progress to Level 2 if you'd like to.

To access this course for free, just enter the code TAMAR.

hvsn emotional health wellbeing
Understanding your child's mental health and wellbeing, Solihull Online Course


If you are either interested or worried about your child's mental health and wellbeing, then this course is for you.

This course 'Understanding your child's mental health and wellbeing' is unusual as it introduces you to mental health and wellbeing in Part 1..., then you leave this course and complete 'Understanding your child' ...and then come back to Part 2 of this course.

If you have already completed 'Understanding your child' then you don't need to do it again (unless you want a refresh or to look at it from a different angle).

'Understanding your child' is all about the cornerstones of mental health and wellbeing. You could revisit Module 2 about Understanding your child's feelings if you would like a refresh with some examples of listening and talking with children and teenagers. Or the Module on Containment and the Module on Reciprocity.

So, complete Part 1, then complete 'Understanding your child' and then complete Part 2. You may only be interested in anxiety in Part 2, for instance, but if you also look at depression you can see how the usual way we react to events and issues in our lives can turn into difficulties for us.

Enter the code TAMAR to access it for free.

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0 to 19 Torbay Referral Form


If you would like to refer a child or young person to the 0 to 19 team which includes school nurses please complete this form.

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